Huzzah, a prototype!

Exciting times are upon us!

11/18/20231 min read

After my latest adventures in the land of not having backups of my project, the game is back to where it was before everything was lost. I'm starting to send it out to close friends and family for preliminary feedback. As a reminder, my Twitch subs gain access to early testing!

In the last few days, I worked on bringing my project (in Unreal), back to where it was in Godot.

Thankfully, since I had figured out the logic for each step, recreating it in Unreal was pretty straight forward. Now you can make coffee, roast beans, spend money to upgrade stats, and pick up a weapon to defeat hordes of creatures. I'm especially looking forward to creating a variety of weapons, and I'm hoping to introduce different skills for each of them.

The big question at the moment is which perspective to use for the arena portion of the game. At the moment it's a fixed camera, but I'm wondering if an over-the-shoulder camera would feel better. Hopefully some playtesting will provide an answer!


I look forward to sharing more soon™

If you could add a weapon, what would it be?

Key art for the game "Soy's Coffee Shop"
Key art for the game "Soy's Coffee Shop"

p.s. my twitch subs saw this first too