I really like Godot

From signals to the scene structure, it's great!

10/21/20231 min read

I started working in Godot more seriously than I ever have previously. I think the comfort of using an engine I was familiar with was the most difficult hurdle to overcome. Now that I'm over it, I can appreciate Godot for the things it has to offer.

Godot had been on my computer for a while before I reluctantly launched it whilst having no idea on how to use it. It was daunting because I hadn't gone through the documentation or any tutorials at that stage. I was a bit lost.

At the time I was very much focused on 2D games, so I thought, why not swap from Unity to Godot? That way I can make games without having to pay royalties to the evil corporation. I looked around and found some nifty tutorials, including GDQuest, which was great to get my bearings in the new engine.

Then I thought I wanted to continue working in Unreal because of Blueprints, my aversion to code and the feeling of reaching a plateau convinced me I should go with Unreal.

Fast-forward to 2023 where the Unity situation happened, it was a stark reminder that it could happen with any proprietary tool I use, so I finally made the jump into Godot (for good.)

My main focus at the moment is to build my current project, Soy's Coffee Shop, back to what it was at in Unreal. It's been surprisingly smooth so far, aside from a couple of mishaps, including one with global_position and position.

Overall, I'm confident I can rebuild to the same level of completion before my vacation is over, which is a little over two weeks from now.


Thanks for reading!

Look forward to new posts talking about this bean game of mine, and other things.