I'm making a horror game #13

One step at a time.


9/23/20232 min read

Welcome to the 13th I'm making a horror game post. I'm currently in the process of learning Godot, while also rebuilding my project. It appears that this may not be the best approach, so I might switch things up a little bit.

When learning a new engine, it's often suggested to make a series of small projects to learn the basics of the engine, then build on those learnings with each new project.

With my current situation, I haven't exactly done that. Instead, I started rebuilding my project in Godot (from Unreal.) There's two concerns here. The first is that I was working with visual scripting in Unreal, but now I have to learn a coding language, GDScript - which has been alright so far. The second is that I'm tackling the huge endeavor of recreating my project from scratch instead of slowly learning the Godot game engine.

As you can see, I've got the fixed cameras working, as well as the aiming camera. When the player enters a camera's trigger zone, it swaps to that camera. When they aim, the camera goes to an over-the-shoulder angle, which will allow the player to aim at enemies and shoot them.



We could argue that better organization might be the solution, to prioritize tasks and sort them in various categories. While this may be true, I don't think that this comes down to organization. In my opinion, this is more an issue with chunking my learning than anything else.

What I mean by that is that recreating my project from the get-go in Godot, I'm not really learning the fundamentals. I'm going straight to the things I need, regardless of how complex the topic might be.

If I take each thing I need to learn, and focus a small project around this thing, then I can build up on each mini-project. First, I learn how to move a character through a platformer, then, I learn how to make collectibles, etc.

I guess that I'm trying to say is that I'm considering pausing the development of this current project to really focus on smaller chunks of learning.

Thanks for reading!

I'll make sure to keep you updated. I look forward to building cool shit!

I'll see you for part #14!