I'm making a horror game #14

Scope, scope, scope!


9/30/20232 min read

Welcome to the 14th I'm making a horror game post. I'm currently working through a lot of different things for my stream, but also developing a game for Ludum Dare 54, with the theme of Limited Space. I don't think I'll be able to finish it on time, but I will finish it regardless.

This is a topic that often surfaces when talking with any game developer - Scoping. This term refers to the action of evaluating time and resources needed to complete a feature or mechanic. Oftentimes, something called "feature creep" happens, where a game that was simple becomes overly complex because of the desire to add more to it, most times because we think it'll make the end product better.

To quote my art teachers, "Less is more." I think that having less of something make it more meaningful, to a certain extent... and also depending on what we're talking about. In the context of a video game, I do believe it to be true. It's better to have a very solid core gameplay loop that is fun and has replay value, than to have a hundred different mechanics in an attempt to make the game flashier and more appealing.


six white sticky notes
six white sticky notes


Reduce, reduce, reduce.

That's the solution. To take what I have currently and identify what's the MVP (minimum viable product.) Once I know this, I can focus on making that feel great and ignore the rest.

When the core gameplay loop feels great, further testing may identify areas to improve upon. This could lead to new mechanics being added, but it could also not. Either way, the current version of the project just has so much going on. You can aim, shoot, pick up boosts, spend points in a skill tree, have enemies coming at you, an inventory system, and that's all without having an idea for the context of the game. It doesn't feel right.

I'm thinking I'll take my own advice and focus on making smaller projects in Godot to ramp up my expertise with this new engine.

At the moment, I'm using Unreal for the game jam game I was working on, but for future projects, I want Godot to be my primary game engine.

Thanks for reading!

Here's to learning, and improving.

I'll see you for part #15!

silver iMac near Magic Keyboard and green measuring tool
silver iMac near Magic Keyboard and green measuring tool