I'm making a horror game #16

Less is more.


10/14/20231 min read

Welcome to the 16th I'm making a horror game post. I'm still working on my side project, "Soy's Coffee Shop." I was working on finding the sauce and I think I found it. I'm hoping I can resume work on my horror game soon.

My horror game suffered from feature creep. That's the hard truth.

For those of you who aren't familiar with feature creep, it's the process through which a game has features upon features added to it with the idea that it'll make the game better.

One thing I've always thought to be true when it comes to art is that less is more. With that in mind, when I resume work on my horror game, I'm going to take a hard look at it and drastically reduce the amount of stuff that goes in it. With the latest iteration of the project, you had a mix of fixed cam and over-the-shoulder gameplay, which ultimately diluted the project.

That's without even mentioning the temperature system, the inventory system and all of the other things that were being added. Don't get me wrong, an inventory system is probably the closest thing that's a must in my game, but I'm even challenging that assumption.

What if the game didn't have an inventory system? Would it still work? I think that depends on what I'm trying to achieve. Which begs the question, what am I trying to achieve?

That's the question I'll be asking myself for the foreseeable future.

p.s. I really need to stop feature creeping


Thanks for reading!

Going back to the drawing board can be scary sometimes, but it can be the best decision you make as well.

I'll see you for part #17!

a cardboard sign that says all you need is less
a cardboard sign that says all you need is less