Soy's Coffee Shop

What is it exactly?

10/28/20231 min read

Initially, Soy's Coffee Shop was meant to be a game for the last Ludum Dare game jam. The theme was "limited space". However, circumstances made it so I decided to focus on it outside of the game jam.

Soy's Coffee Shop is a management simulator with a twist.

The goal is to fulfill customers' order in exchange for currency, which can be used to upgrade your shop. By upgrading your shop, customers spend more time in it, which raises your shop's rating to attract more customers. You can also use said currency to upgrade yourself. But why?

Well, here's the twist. Your coffee shop is connected to a powerful being, and every once in a while you'll have to fight it and its minions.

Think management sim. mixed with an ARPG.

There's still a couple of details I need to iron out, but that's the general idea.

I'll be writing more about the game as development continues.


Thanks for reading!

There's definitely a lot more to come, but for now, I'll go enjoy some tea while working on the game.